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The Happy Worker

How to find a job you love and love the job you have

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Very helpful, also for young adults
"Although aimed at those seeking a career affirmation/change, the advice is spot on for young adults too. Especially those coming to the end of their school or university careers and wondering what to do next. I've bought it for my 17 and 21-year old children - it's been very helpful."
~ Victoria Welsh

A great read which I would recommend to others

"I was recommended this book by a friend so over the Christmas period had the opportunity to read it whilst taking a break from my usual 60-hour working week. It offers insightful advice on how to understand what makes us happy at work and how to create a better work-life balance. Luckily I have always loved my job but this is a great book for those uncertain and needing a little help with making tough decisions.

Initially, I had been reading this to assess its appropriateness to recommend to my patients who are often off work through physical or mental health conditions. What I was finding was this often correlated with job dissatisfaction. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who needs a different perspective on their happiness and well-being at work because it will help you make decisions on how to change that.

I think this book offers simple, practical ways in which we can change the way we think and work. Thoroughly engaging and would recommend to others."
Amazon reader

Eat that Frog!
"I have heard Inge speak and like her clear, engaging manner. This book is written in her same style and is very informative. I'd recommend it for people looking to change job/career as it encourages them to address particular issues in a logical order. I already run a business I love (I could have benefitted from a book like this a few years ago when I became self-employed!) and found Part 2 of the book really informative, it gave me a nudge to take control of my day a little more (eat that frog!). All round a very worthwhile read, thanks Inge."
Jenny Williams

Inspiring clarity
"I bought this book having been to an event where Inge was a speaker. It is choc a block full of great ideas and practical advice, some of which I had touched on in my corporate career, however, Inge explains the principles simply and gets you to understand where you are in the models without long questionnaires. At the end of the book, I understood myself with much greater clarity. My advice to anyone buying it is to sit down with a pen and paper and go through the exercises to gain a real insight into what makes you tick."
~ AjB

Accurately titled. Helps you become a happy worker and a happier person

"Not a long book but good things apparently come in small packages. It is no fault of this book but there is, for me, a fundamental flaw here - it was written many years after I needed it most. Let me explain.

My career's adviser recommended that I should look for work in catering, perhaps in the fast food industry. I did not take his advice. I studied electronics and computers and I ended up repairing computers for a living... but I was not happy at work. I took a degree in computer science and found work as a programmer as it would make money for me. I was not happy at work. I changed jobs and worked in technical support and I was fairly happy. I moved into security work and I was not happy despite loving the work. I changed company and now I am a fairly senior manager doing work that I love. I am pretty damned happy at work.

If I had read this book earlier, I would have had the tools that I needed to make the right decisions years earlier. The book is a very practical guide to finding happiness in your work and helping the people that work for you be happy... and it explains why this is important.

So, that tells you why I liked the book. Let me tell you what the book is.

The book is a straight-forward guide to working out what would make you happy at work and what you need to change to make yourself happy. Maybe it is a change of the nature of your work or maybe it is a change of company or maybe it is a change of attitude but this book will give good, honest and actionable advice on how to make the changes that you need to make yourself happy in the 40+% of the time that you spend at work."
Mark Long

A great practical guide
"Essential reading if (like most people), you're stuck in a rut at work. Really practical and enormously helpful... It really helps give clarity to what you spend most of your days doing!"
~ Kindle reader

A great read that will help you improve your life
"Having known Inge for quite a few years in Networking circles, this book really does reflect her happy positive personality. I would highly recommend even happy people to read this, as it gives great advice on how to improve your work and life experiences. Don'y miss out on this great book, which is written in an easy to read style."
~ Kindle reader

Helpful and easy to follow ideas and techniques which I have used
"An inspirational read containing many deep reaching, helpful and easy to follow ideas and techniques which I have used to support with my work transitional period."
~ Sam Ashbee

Highly recommended
"Inge has addressed two vitally important aspects of working life in this book. Either if you are unhappy in your current job or looking for a career change, she takes you on the necessary journey to understand and improve your relationship with both. A step by step guide to help anyone who is unsatisfied in their work in any way. Highly recommended..."
~ Damian Mark Smyth

I think it would be very useful also for older people who may be facing retirement
"This is a really helpful book - very well structured, with plenty of content to think about and clear, interesting practical exercises to get you going. It's the sort of book you can dip into, working on the various aspects at your own pace, giving you time to reflect.
Although aimed at workers, I think it would be very useful also for older people who may be facing retirement and trying to decide what to do next with their lives. Also for young people trying to decide on their futures. Plenty of useful material to work with, to improve life in general."

~ Sue Mitchinson

Fantastic, easy to read with practical advice too
"Fantastic read with plenty of useful and practical tips on how to be happy in your job or indeed find a new job. I love the chapter on silver linings and getting a toolkit for happiness together. There are also reminders on how to work out what you want in life so the wide variety of exercises you can pick and choose from are very useful. What I also like is it is easy to read and guides me through what I need to be reminded of as well as giving clear illustrations of how small changes can have a big impact."
~ Helen Sanders

A guide to happiness
"A comprehensive guide to happiness, not just at work, but in the rest of your life too."
~ Mark Chase

This book makes you happy
"Can a book really make you happy? This one certainly did. If your life or work has fewer smiles than you'd like, pick up a copy and start reading."
~ Gary Spinks

Full of wisdom
"Full of wisdom in an easy reading style: this book will make you take action and improve your life."
~ Lesley Howes

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